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tv   Politics Public Policy Today  CSPAN  March 18, 2013 10:00am-12:00pm EDT

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.ooking at very hard there are a number of programs trying to provide for this because it is deemed [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] >> president obama is set to nominate thomas perez to be the
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next secretary of labor. the white house says he has been the head of the justice department's civil-rights division for a number of years. president obama plans to announce the nomination this morning at the white house in the east room. c-span2 will have live coverage of that starting at 11:30 this morning. congress is set to return to capitol hill today. later this week to work on fiscal spending for the rest of this budget year and for the next fiscal year. the senate is working on the spending bill and it will be the focus this afternoon. you can see live coverage of the senate beginning at 2:00 eastern on c-span2. before the senate c-span2 will be live with carl levin. he will be at the council on foreign relations.
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c-span3 will be live with a discussion on the persian gulf. a more private first lady, elizabeth much growth refused to continue the tradition of making social calls to washington post political society. she spoke french inside the white house and gained a reputation of being queenly by her critics. we will see the important role she played in 1824 presidential campaign of her husband, john quincy adams. and the complex relationship with her mother-in-law, forever -- former first lady abigail adams. tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span and c-span3.
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speeches from the weekend meeting of the conservative political action conference. the head of the advocacy group citizens united talked-about car brous's latest efforts to influence republican primaries leading up to the 2014 primary elections. about 15 minutes. > two years ago the president told a lie about the supreme court decision called citizens united. the case struck a huge blow. the president of citizens united is up next. he has proposed document series since 2004. please welcome david bossie. [applause]
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i'm president of citizens united. it has been a big year, as we celebrate our 25th anniversary. it is great to be back here as we come together for our 40th time. citizens united is doing it again this year, where we get a chance to show off some of the groundbreaking conservative films available today. conservatives need to think of new and innovative ways to develop and deliver our message to a broad our audience. one of those ways is through film.
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fellow conservatives, i am going. fall, but the conservative movement is as strong as ever. more voices are being heard here in this hall and across the nation because we are fighting for our rights and the traditional american values we all share. we believe in american exceptionalism, not obama's socialist agenda. unfortunately, some in the republican establishment arewe as a movement cannot let that happen. contrary to what some in the establishment want you to win every election. we are not willing to sell out our principles for the sake of a wind.
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rinos will use our movement to get elected and then feign shock when conservatives call them out for bad policy. ronald reagan cemented our values with his analogy -- that conservativism stands for free enterprise, strong national defense, and pro-family social policies. if you take one leg away from the stool, the stool crumbles. if we sell out our principles then the conservative movementthose in the establishment who claim they know how to win are simply living a lie. just look at the past two presidential campaigns. how did that work out for the
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establishment? only in 2010, when our conservative grassroots were fully mobilized, hand in hand with the tea party did we prevail. last month the battle lines were drawn when karl rove and company announced to "the new york times," of all places, they were forming the conservative victory project. the conservative victory project is nothing more than an attempt by the establishment to control the conservative movement. calling it the conservative victory project is like mitt romney saying he was a severe conservative. tol rove claims he wants win. why does he think he has a monopoly on wanting to win? we all want to win. why does karl rove need to create a new organization with
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the name conservative in it? because american crossroads failed in 2012, that is why. did some conservative candidates lose because the made huge mistakes? absolutely, but they would take me all day to list the candidates who lost said it ahoy because they did not run bold conservative campaigns. i like karl. he is a smart guy. i respect him for that. karl rove is no movement conservative. he has been called the architect, and i understand why. he guided president bush in his second term victory, but in reality karl rove and george bush were architects a policy disasters that led to president bush been mired in 30% approval
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ratings for much of his second term. those ratings hurt republican and conservative brands and brought us president barack obama, and "obamacare." it is kind of the opposite of a permanent republican majority, you might say. of course, there is a way for us to come together and unite for a common purpose. conservatives will not be bullied into throwing -- in the 2010, president obama and his policies showed us that he was a unifying force for conservatives. we must make obama that again in 2014. friends, president obama in his second inaugural address all but declared war on the conservative movement. it took him four years, but finally the real barack obama, the one we all knew, exposed
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himself as an unabashedly liberal ideologue all to see. obamaderate myth that portrayed, aided openly by his friends in the mainstream media, that he was a transformational leader who would transcend politics is a complete and utter lie. the soaring rhetoric from his keynote address at the 2004 democratic convention was replaced by a deeply partisan campaign speech in the guise of his second inaugural. one has to take a look at when president obama said during his inaugural address, "preserving our individual freedom ultimately requires collective action." ladies and gentlemen, "collective action" is a phrase that khrushchev or castro would say in front of their poor, starving citizens. the obama campaign knew in 2008
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they could get elected as a full-throated liberal, so they created a myth that obama could work to improve washington and drain the swamp. folks, over the last four years of the only thing barack obama drained is our national treasury. during our current fiscal battles, president obama has gone to great lengths to deceive and lie about the real consequences of sequestration. from teacher furloughs to longer airport lines to criminal its running free, the obama administration has lied to the american people. they have even closed the white house for public tours. remarkably, the many false claims from the white house had even prompted some in the mainstream media to push back. one of the reasons why the
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white house thought it could get away with it is because the media has always been in their back pocket. you just have to look at all the obama scandals, with the latest being the tragedy where four brave americans died -- were murdered in benghazi, to see the media's complacency. the obama administration has not been forthcoming with information on benghazi, and congress has failed in its oversight responsibilities. citizens united recently launched a campaign calling on members of congress to create a select committee to investigate fully the benghazi tragedy. it has been over 30 years since jimmy carter's presidency that a united states ambassador has been killed overseas. now six months after benghazi, there are more questions than answers.
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it is vitally important for speaker boehner to support and the house to pass house resolution 36, to provide accountability and transparency to the american people and the families of those heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice. now, 2014 is a vitally important election for the future of america. it is important we elect conservatives now. some moderates will break on important issues like the second amendment. obama and biden are shamelessly using the tragedy of sandy hook to push their gun-grabbing agenda. first i say we must have an honest national conversation on mental-health and the culture of violence coming out of hollywood. on immigration, we must secure
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the southern border with a 21st century fence and encourage all immigration law before we debate immigration reform. my friend jeff sessions recently corrected a white house assertion and pointed out the remarkable fact that only 36 of 700 miles of double-layered fence has even been built along the southern border. i was pleased to see paul ryan defund "obamacare." our economy cannot afford it. it must be every conservative's mission to defund it and move away from socialized medicine before it is implemented. 2013 is a challenge. let can to canton andit must be a year where we wage attack against and those forces in the republican establishment that
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hijacked the conservative movement. we must not rest. as conservatives, we all believe america is an exceptional nation. we do not want our beloved nation to have the financial books of greece or the gun laws of china. waynds, i fear that is the we are headed. president obama and his left- wing liberals -- the media is in the bag for this administration, and we all know it, which is why the grass roots of our movement must not sit on the sidelines. you must redouble your efforts and together we must fight those who want to sell out our principles. remember reagan's three pillars of conservatism -- free
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enterprise, strong national defense, and per-family social policies. we must not cede these principles to president obama on one hand, or the republican establishment on the other. the fight is in our hands. let's unite for the cause of liberty and freedom. thank you very much. >> former florida gov. jeb bush was the speaker friday night. he talked about the future of the republican party. he is also co-author of the book " the immigration wars." this is about 20 minutes. [applause] >> thank you. thank you very much.
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thank you for that kind introduction. let us close the bar off. that is the best introduction i've heard in a long while i hope you have heard it. friend,o thank my old al for his selfless dedication to the american conservative the union and to the conservative cause. pleasure to be here tonight honoring one of america's greatest presidents, ronald reagan. i would like to begin by expressing my deepest appreciation for the kind of thoughts and prayers for my dad. he got out of the hospital about six weeks ago and as he so happily said, put away the harps. he is back home he is back at home. he is doing on. that is the good news. that is the good news.
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the bad news is, he is no longer pampered by the nurses at memorial hospital in houston. he has a new caregiver. her name is barbara bush. she is really tough. you see, this is true that no matter what your age, even if you were the leader of the free world, life has a way of keeping us humble. sometimes, we even get to cross the thin line between humbling and downright humiliating. a couple of weeks ago, peter handy tweeted a picture of me from 1970, with what appeared to be a catcher's mitt on my head. i still have that sportcoat by the way. he felt compelled to comment on my hairstyle and said that i was wearing a mullet. i responded of course that it was not a mullet. just an unruly set of hair in 1970.
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we all had that. his response was even better. there is a party in the front, and a party in the back. i found his comment strangely relevant to us tonight because as you think about it, the same could be said about the republican party. we used to be the party in the front. after the last election, we are the party in the back. the question is, how do we get to be the party in the front again? that's what i would like to talk about tonight. how do we start to elect republican presidents in the mold of the great man we honor tonight? before we answer that question, i would like to share some things that i have observed recently. although you may know, it was a joy. in 2007, i have been involved in education reform. the've taken me around globe.
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i have seen firsthand the expose of economic growth in places like china, singapore, and brazil. in some of their cities on any given day, you can see dozens skyscrapers. when i return home, the mood is different. different, and worse. americans have the sense that our recovery is fragile. the greatest prosperity in a century will be enjoyed by other people in other lands, and not by our own children. tonight, i am here to tell you that this conclusion is 100% wrong. we potentially find ourselves at the threshold of our nations greatest century. we can, as reagan did, restore the great confidence of american progress and growth and optimism. tonight, as surely as you sit here, the fundamental are
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aligning in a way. it is there for the taking if we have the courage to grab it. and push the only problem that divide us today. consider the facts. take energy, with our new drilling technology, america will soon have an energy surplus. this is trillions of dollars in new wealth for americans. trillions of dollars. oreign-policy not overly influenced by oil. how about food? america will be the saudi arabia of grain in a century when the world is clamoring for more food. just as crude oil determines the wealth and power of nations in the latter part of the last century, we will do so in this century. rapid advances are transformed at a breathtaking pace.
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manufacturing jobs that were shipped to china a decade ago are now returning to america. beingime, the work is performed by our robots. the good news is, there are robots built in america by american workers. by low energy cost, they create a new wave of energy manufacturing in this country. classes of diseases are on the verge of being eradicated by manipulating individual molecules on the surfaces of living sales. -- living cells. never getting lost, never having accidents, already a prototype car has driven more than 3000 miles in the maze of california without a single accident. 3-d printing machines are being developed and down skill for home use that will allow you to instantly create thousands of
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objects at the touch of a button. already, cars are being designed and built that are being printed by a computer. how about our youthful potential? as a nation, if we get immigration right, we are going to stay young. by 2050, china will have more old people that america has people. america remains younger than all industrialized nations. these are but a few of our vintages, and collectively, they point to a century of prosperity and world leadership that is unparalleled in the world's history. there is a very dark cloud on continues on its art of lackluster public education are the two greatest impediments to achieving our potential in this century. thosevatives have solutions to these problem's. liberals have the proposals that
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will only make them worse. forow, i balance our budget eight years. while cutting taxes every year. i have dedicated much of my adult life to revolutionize our schools so that school serves children and parents. you must know this, all of our successes at the state level, and all of the work being done in the private sector can be undone if we continue to lose presidential elections. we will forfeit our ability to chart a better future for our republic. this would be tragic in every sense of the world. as you know, sam is the former ceo of ibm. probably the best ceo in america in the last decade. sam is also a fantastic human being. he's easy to talk to, but he is also a visionary and a true
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leader. he told me an amazing story. withs deeply involved assembling the team that created watson, a supercomputer that can understand natural language with all the ambiguities associated with human speech. watson can read through more than 200 pages of text to find an answer in less than three seconds. what you do when you have this kind of amazing capability at your fingertips? do you know what watson is doing today? it is saving lives. it is being used in research hospitals like sloan care to diagnose and suggest treatment options for cancer patients. they are able to look at available information, listen closely, and make critical medical recommendations without the personal biases that afflict mere mortals.
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the thing that astounds me is that watson can learn from his past mistakes. in every decision, it helps the next decision to be more accurate. the first round of jeopardy ended with watson tied for first place with $5,000 $5,000 in winnings. by the time the second match ended, watson had one over $77,000 and ken jennings at only 124 grand. a little scary, right? i wonder what watson would say if it brought that computing power to bring to bear on the political future of the republican party. first, watson would probably know that republicans lost the popular vote in five of the last six presidential elections. in those elections, it would be good to point out the democrat candidates received 26 million more votes than our publican candidates. there's a staggering number. how how could it be?
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if watson was to read the blogs, tweets, facebook posts that mention the republican party, it would find that all too often, we are associated with being anti-everything. way too many people believe republicans are anti-immigrant, anti-woman, anti-science, anti- gay, anti-worker, and the list goes on and on. many voters are simply unwilling to choose our candidate, even though they share our core beliefs, because those voters feel unloved, unwanted, and unwelcome in our party. tonight, my thought is this. if watson can learn from its past mistakes, so can we. this means that we must move beyond the devices and issues that currently define the publicnever again, never again can the republican party simply write off entire segment of our society because we assume our principles have limited appeal. they have broad appeal. [applause]
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they have broad appeal. we need to be larger than that. we are exactly the same reason that millions of immigrants were drawn from our shores from every nation, we need to draw into our party people from every corner of society, because conservative principles and not liberal dogma best reflect the ideals that made this nation great. we must be united in the principle that everyone should be given the opportunity to rise to the top, to raise a family, and to be free read our core principles, greater risk on civility, more personal freedom, smaller and more effective government are the only pretzels that can offer our children the measure of their potential in american centuries. i meant to tell you there is no us or them. the face of the republican party needs to be the face of every american. we need to be the party of inclusion and acceptance. [applause]
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ours our heritage, and future, and we need to cancel our efforts in those terms. as republicans, we need to be re-acquainted with the idea that relationships that really matter are not made through twitter, or social media, real relationships take time to grow. they begin with a genuine interest in the stories, the hopes, the dreams, any challenges harvard within each of us. when i ran for governor in 1998, a woman-- a complete stranger to me, stood up a town hall meeting and challenge me to help children like hers. i'm sure i said something pleasant in response. it wasn't good enough for murphy. she would not let me up for air. over the next month, i traveled and talked to parents who fear nothing more than having their
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disabled child outlive them and become a ward of an uncaring state. imagine what it would be like to be a mom or a dad of a child him and your biggest worry would be that you would die before they did and no one would take care of them. when i became governor, we had a renewed focus on helping the developing disabled. elevating their lives, i found out that we would help all for radiant. whosed to be the party understood small connections. we need to be that party again. we speak to people and make the case for conservative, the happy exception does not always approve the rule. it is a high validation if we can only point to the increasingly rare individual who overcomes adversity and succeeds in. here is a reality. if you are fortunate enough to count yourself among the
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privileged, much of the rest of the nation is drowning. in our country, if you are born poor, if your parents to go to college, if you do not know your father, if your english is not spoken to her home, the outs are stacked against you. you're more likely to stay poor today than any time since world war ii. the great tragedy of the last decade is that liberals have channeled the anger and frustration that comes from this dynamic and use it as an opportunity to tax the very ideas of success at cell. in their view, anyone who is climbing to the top one percent, or top 20% for that matter has created some form of social breach. they deserve our scorn. without innovation, we will no longer move forward as a nation. so our central mission as
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conservatives is to reignite social and economic mobility in this country. it is called the right to rise. very facets to our mission. let me briefly mention for. first, we need to reestablish america the idea that success is a good thing. rather than being viewed with this distaste and suspicion. [applause] success desperately needs to be cool again. we need to offer the citizens of our nation role models who demonstrate that success isn't about taking, it is about creating something where nothing before existed. it is about the way wealth ripples. second, we need to equip every child with the best tools to rise. every child in america deserves the best education on the planet. why not? after all, we are already
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paying for it. yet, our kids frequently rank in the bottom in math and science scores. we need to have the leader and the authority to put that in place. -- it may save the lives of millions. the tragedy is that for every child that reaches their full abilities of the builds that watson, there are hundreds who could've done the same thing i'm about are stuck in failing and in different schools. we are squandering america's greatest resource. only reform minded conservatives have ability to stop the single greatest waste of human potential in my mind in the history of the world.
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[applause] -- and rewards improvement and excellence. a culture based on empowering parents with abundance of choices for education. a deep understanding of the transformative power of digital learning. government should create a level playing field. would maximize the opportunities for the players and step back. it does mean that government does not pick the winners and losers or create such huge costs that only the large and supply. we need to realize that each of us in the conservative movement has a far greater role
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to play as a private citizen than as part as a government or its credit. there is a political realm and a social realm. we should not confuse the two. we should not rely on government bureaucracy to instill virtue in people. government should build pot holes. it is our individual duty to fill the holes in the human heart. as conservatives we need to realize the limits of government and much more powerful influences of parents, churches, parity, and role models. do so much more by setting an example and living our principles than by merely taking. we need to be out in our community helping our neighbors. human potential are immensely more powerful than 1000 government programs. i see our path toward as conservatives and i believe the future is extraordinarily bright.
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as my dad said "put away the harps." our country will leave its implant on its remarkable century and secure a better picture for all. god bless you all. thank you for coming. [applause] >> republican national committee chair previously released a new plan forward for the republican party this morning, aimed at reproving the electoral success of gop candidates. the report is available to read on our web site.
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it includes modernizing the party's digital infrastructure to give campaign's more access to the republican national committee's voter data. here's a look at what he said this morning. >> i did not need the report to tell me that we have to do a lot better job and do a lot more to make up ground in minority communities. for use voters' the report outlines the need -- a right that more chinese to be spent communicating with young voters, where they get their information. the report also highlights the real urgency of connecting with minority communities. by the year 2015. -- by the year 2015 we will be a majority country. the rnc cannot and will not
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write off any demographic community or region of this country. here are some actions we are going to take. established senior level advisory councils for hispanic and asian americans that will serve as working groups to share best practices and have a constant dialogue in each community. established swearing in citizenship teams to introduce new citizens to the gop after naturalization ceremonies. three, at the recommendation of the project, talk regularly and openly with groups in which we have had minimal contact in the past. four, work with state parties and sister communities to build a system program for minority candidates. the report underscores the need for greater recruitment.
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five, higher communications staff to promote minority leaders in our party and bolster our messaging efforts and publication that appeal to ethnic minority groups. six, develop an aggressive marketing campaign to expand our footprint on college campuses with an especially strong focus on historically black colleges and universities. -- in addition, create an ongoing dialogue with campus leaders. 7, appoint a liaison to work with young republicans and teenage republicans to provide them with additional tools to take the party's message to their tears -- to their peers. it, go beyond traditional news media in promoting our message, including pop culture news outlets. we have to stop the forcing ourselves from the american culture. divorcing to stop
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ourselves from the american culture. with state parties, sister committees in the co- chair to actively recruit women candidates for offices at all levels. 10, worked to increase the visibility of gop women. i want to deliberately _ that those items are not even close to enough. for the first time ever we are going to overhaul our campaign mechanics structure to fully integrate its demographic integration strategy. for too long our demographic inclusion efforts have been separate from our on the ground political activities. that is coming to an end. to accomplish this we are launching a new national program designed to encourage minority groups and communities at the local level. you take our message to civic
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centers and community events where people live, work, and worship. this new approach will be diverse, year-round, community- based, and dedicated to person- to person engagement. by may 1 we will hire national political of directors for hispanics, asians, and african american voters. we will cast each director to build a team on each community on the history and principles of the republican party and identify supporters. this will be a bottom-up approach. it will have a network of hundreds of paid people across america, from the community level up to the national level, dedicated to minorities, youth, and when an inclusion. we will conduct a pilot program and target it at urban markets to task and in due to task and refine these engagement efforts.
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-- to task and refine these engagement efforts. it should demonstrate the depth and commitment of engagement of all demographic groups. they will complement and be fully integrated with the entire on the ground operation, which will be modeled on the same bottom-up approach. community directors of report to regional directors that report to state directors who in turn report to national directors. individuals will be targeted on the 2014 races, others on laying the groundwork for 2016. the staff will be in place by the end of the summer. we have never put this money paid boots on the ground this early in an off-year. we have also never been this dedicated at working at the community level to which -- to win a minority votes and households. i am approving an additional $10
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million budget for this work this year. we the 2013 and 14 campaigns will deploy early voter strategies. i am hiring a full party state director who report directly to me in addition to the political director. the future of all 50 state parties and territorial parties will be their top priority. coordination full between the rnc and state parties on early planning for the 2013 and 2014 cycles with a focus on organization, data collection, and testing for digital fund-raising. will have -- to help states with their added responsibilities we are going to
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reinstitute the finance program allowing states to be more financially sustaining. we will also network with organizations that are part of the liberty movement. to find new voters the rnc will invest in a voter registration program and we will encourage our allies to significantly invest in voter registration as well. respondents expressed a desire for more training for candidates, volunteers, and opera this. the what especially credit- rating and data analytics. by may 1 we will completely overhaul our political education department. we will develop new curriculum that includes data, digital, and ad buying. they will make the resources available electronically. not just for those to come to our dc classroom.
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we are committing significant resources to these endeavors. i want to be sure that we are getting real results for our money. therefore i will insist on implementing standards and quarterly benchmarks. >> president obama is set to nominate thomas perez, an assistant attorney general, to be the next secretary of labor for the u.s.. he was maryland's's labor licensing regulation secretary. president obama plans to announce the nomination this morning at the white house in the east room. c-span2 will have live coverage of that. congress returns to capitol hill today. week they will work on federal spending for the rest of this budget year and the budget for the next fiscal year.
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the senate is working on the spending bill and will have to vote this afternoon on moving it forward. you can see live coverage at 2:00 p.m. eastern beginning on c-span2. 2 will be live speaking on foreign relations. c-span3 will be live with a discussion on the persian gulf. dempsey will speak. thehe spoke french inside white house and gained a reputation of being queenly by her critics. she started a relationship with her husband james monroe and a friendship with her successor, louis set katharine adams, who was the only first lady born outside of the u.s. to bid will see the important role she plays in the 1824 presidential
10:47 am
campaign of her husband, john quincy adams, and the complex relationship with her mother-in- law, former lady remained -- former first lady abigail adams. that will be tonight on c-span tonight c-span3. also on c-span radio and c- >> former governor and vice presidential candidate sarah palin spoke at cpac on saturday. her comments are about half an hour. am notll of you know si remotely cool enough to be sarah
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palin. but i cannot resist coming out here for a brief moment to say a word about my friend, governor sarah palin. the mainstream media wants us to shut up. the mainstream media wants conservatives to accept defeat. the mainstream media wants us to be timid and hide in the corner. and the mainstream media is absolutely convinced that women cannot be conservatives. are the especially cannot shoot really big guns and hunt grizzly bears. [applause] you, that is why sarah palin drives the mainstream media bat-crap crazy.
10:49 am
[applause] up their entire world view and she can pick winners. sarah palin jumped in early and supported rand paul. [applause] rubio.ported marco [applause] she supported tim scott. [applause] .he supported pat [applause] niki haley.ed [applause] and this last election cycle there were three republicans who won the new seats. she supported all three of us.
10:50 am
[applause] let me tell you something, i would not be in the u.s. senate today if it were not for governor sarah palin. [applause] she is fearless, she is she is courageous, and she is a mama grizzly. i give you governor sarah palin. >> thank you so much. thank you. [applause]
10:51 am
the senator is a keynote speaker and he would lower himself to doing introductions for a hockey mom. i am so honored. thank you. we need more americans like ted cruz. coming from texas, ted cruz comes to town, chews barbed wire, and spits out rust. that is what we need. iwas just thinking how much like texans. they do not mess around with our second amendment rights. [applause] all of this stuff coming lately from the white house to take away the good guy's freedom and the right to protect ourselves with the most naive notion that
10:52 am
the bad guys, who ignore the laws, will all the sudden followed new laws. it is not about the bad guys. it is all about the lead. that shot of metal did the crime. -- that chunk of metal did the crime. that is like saying that work may be fat. that fork made me fat. background checks to learn about a person's intentions? mr president, the idea should have started with yours. [applause] it is great to be back at cpac. it feels like coming home even though it is only my second time here.
10:53 am
already i can stop those liberal --spot those liberal media folks to write their annual conservative stories. how many of you guys are here? raise your hands. be proud. we are laced -- you are allowed, we are used to it. -- you are loud, we are used to it. ashamed toou are not raise it high. we would never dream of making you wait outside. we can come here for an adult conversation about the future of our country and heaven knows we need this. so much of what passes for natural conversation these days is anything but. remember no-drama-obama? now it's all-drama-obama. we do not have leadership coming out of washington, we have reality television.
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[applause] except it is really bad reality tv and the american people tune out a long time ago. entertainment tv is a good description of what is going on in dc because more than ever it feels like a put on. every event feels calculated to fool us. every speech feels like a con. washington politicians, committees of both parties have a bad habit of focusing on the process of politics rather than the purpose of politics, which is to lead and concerts. ton our guys in the gop often have a habit of reading their stage direction. especially these days. they are being too scripted, to calculate it. they talk about rebuilding the
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party. how about rebuilding the middle class? [applause] they talk about re-branding the gop instead of restoring the trust of the american people. wecannot just ignore that lost a big election. we came in second out of two. we need to figure out our job. what will we do next? as we go about that listen to what the speakers have to say. we us be clear on one thing, are not here to read brand the party we are here to rebuild the country. -- to re-brand party. we are here to rebuild the country. [applause]
10:56 am
dedicatet here to ourselves to new talking points coming from d.c. we are not here to put a fresh coat of rhetorical paint on our party. we are not here to abandon our principles in a contest of government giveaways. that is a game we will never ever win. we are here to restore america and the rest is just making noise. that sums up the job president obama does today. he considered -- he is considered a good politician which is like saying during the may off was a good salesmen -- bernie maydoff was a good salesman. the heart of the heartland of america -- i have news for the political class in washington. worryingy are busy
10:57 am
about their own political future things are bad out here. nearly 8% unemployment rate doesn't even begin to capture how bad things are. even the dismal rates announced of one. % economic growth -- of 1% economic growth -- not tell the story of the pain americans feel. the president seasons as a champion for the middle class. since he came on scene even those lucky to have a job,they are working more than last -- workings more for less. for familiescome has dropped $5,000 even though we work longer hours. job creators are being punished. how does punishing job creators create more jobs? it costs nearly $100 to fuel up your truck. it costs tens of thousands of dollars to send your child to college.
10:58 am
the price of a case of diapers today -- these costs have impacts on the american family budget. while middle-class americans are breaking their budget the democrat-controlled senate refuses to pass a budget. that was how many years ago? how many trillions in debt ago? all in violation of article one section 9 of our u.s. constitution. no budget for four years? [applause] no budget for four years is not just bureaucratic bumbling. governmentthat is refusing to declare what it intends to do with the people's money. barack obama promised the most transparent administration ever.
10:59 am
obama, you lie. [applause] there is a direct correlation between the senate stubbornly refusing to pass the budget and the senate selfishly agreeing to go ahead and spend our children's and grandchildren's money. it is time to get outraged about this. never before have our challenges been so big and our leaders so small. when we were here last year the words on everyone's lips and the wish in your heart was for barack to pack up and bubble
11:00 am
wrap the nobel and high tops and head back to chicago. the election came and went but the campaign never stopped. but our country is desperate for but our country is desperate for leadership we get instead a permanent campaign. leaders take risks for the good of our country. leaders reached across political differences. campaigners double down on those differences. leaders seek to bring americans challenges. campaigners seek to divide and to conquer and to orchestrate crisis after crisis after crisis to exploit. mr. president, we admit it. you won. accept it. now step away from the teleprompter and do your job. [applause]
11:01 am
the permanent political class is in permanent campaign mode. where do we go from here? margaret after, her party lost at the poll -- she told a fellow conservative not to get lost in accounting. her advice to conservatives was to focus their concern on the people. she said, "look at every
11:02 am
problem from the grass roots, not from the top looking down." she also cautioned conservatives not to go loudly on their believes. we can use a leader like her today. just think about it. at a time when washington is so powerful that seven of the 10 highest income counties in the country are in the city -- us clinging to our god, our guns, our constitution and the grass roots -- imagine leadership that actually takes seriously idea of government of the people, by the people, for the people. imagines leadership that's knows how to prioritize, to ensure national security and to stop government waste.
11:03 am
woulds leadership that constitution. it is no accident that its opening words are open " we the people -- opening words are "we the people." the majority of americans want this. is it any wonder there is such a run on guns and ammo for christmas presents months ago? you should see what todd got me for christmas. it wasn't that exciting. it was a metal case for hunting rifles to put on the back of a four wheeler. i had to get something for him to put in the gun case. this time around he has the rifle and i have the rack. [applause]
11:04 am
bloomberg is not around, our big gulps are safe. what did you think was in it? i am so proud of you guys. college republicans on campus are so bold.
11:05 am
my only piece of advice for our young college republicans is you have to be thinking sam not drinking sam adams. [laughter] [applause] that is just a joke. i did not want the ceo of the brewery accusing me of being an anti beer-ite. keep up your good work. [applause] seriously, when we do see harm, imagine a leadership that doesn't seek to exploit the tragedy, imagine a leadership that seeks real solutions to the violence, not cheap political games. that would be leadership worthy
11:06 am
of its name. that would be leadership worthy of the words "we the people." it also means and in the poisonous practice of treating americans of different social, ethnic, religious groups as different electorates to be pandered to with different promises. if we truly believe the words of our other founding document, the declaration of independence, with its world changing assertion that all men are created equal then there are no hispanic issues or african american issues for women issues. there are only american issues. [applause]
11:07 am
cpac, in order to be effective and have any power to change things for the better, as conservatives, we must leave no american behind. even those who may disagree on some issues because there is a solid, and ground -- a solid common ground. they are not our enemies. they are our sisters and brothers. they are and neighbors and friends. it is imperative to reach out and share that conservative message of liberty and less government and lower taxes and individual responsibility. it is time we all stop preaching to the choir.
11:08 am
america already has one party against one another. we will never win a, a test of identity -- a contest of identity politics. we have to believe in america greatest achievement -- that no one is guaranteed success the everyone is guaranteed an equal opportunity at success. [applause] liberals tell is that is the way to realize this. there is a reason that washington d.c. is an island of prosperity and it's a nation
11:09 am
mired. losers, the more crony capitalists win, the more the rest of us lose. whether it is clean energy or free obama phones or prophylactics -- if he did not have a team of lobbyists in dc you are not at the table. you are on the menu. [applause] if mrs. thatcher with us here today she would remind as there is a big difference between being pro-business and being pro-free market. it is time for we, the people, to break out of the cronyism. [applause]
11:10 am
that includes in these resource- rich states. we alaskans know that they are not owned by the big multinational conglomerates and monopolies. they are owned by the people. to not let them own you. you have a right for those resources to be developed for our use. and in the top-down approach in dc needs changing our top-down political process. the next election is 20 months away. now is the time to furlough the consultants. if we truly know what we believe we do not need
11:11 am
professionals to tell us. [applause] if we truly seek to know the hearts and minds of the american people there is no substitute from going out and being one of them with real-world experience. actual conversation with actual hard working americans. that goes with canada as well. communities, small businesses, a tea party rallies, at city halls. more people who are willing to lead -- do you know someone whose judgment you trust? someone who doesn't just preach common-sense but actually live it.
11:12 am
encourage him or her to run for office. are you mad as and think you have a better way? run yourself. do not let the big money men and big bad media scare you off. do not let them invalidate you. you undoubtedly have more real- world practical experience. that is real life. those in the political bubble will tell you who is worthy and the last thing we need is washington d.c. getting our candidates. -- vetting our candidates. if they feel strongly about who should run in this party they
11:13 am
and run. the architect can head on back to the great lone star state put their name on the ballots. although i hope they get a discount for consulting services. you have heard a lot of different voices offer a lot of different ideas. i am just humbled -- i am grateful to be one of them. i have been so blessed in these past years getting to know america, not from the top-down but from the heart looking out. there is more wisdom, more character, more grit and common sense in the soldiers, the moms, the teachers, the laborers, the fireman, the fishermen, the students, the cowboys, and extraordinary americans
11:14 am
that i met along the way than will ever be found in the parties in power across the river. [applause] we have one message to send to this, get over yourself. it is not about you. it is about families struggling to find half a million dollars for college tuition. it is about americans working longer for less. it is about small businesses not knowing from one day to the next what taxes, what new government mandate we are going to get hit with next. it is about citizens being
11:15 am
forced to give up more of their hard earned money and more of their independence and power allit is about concern over the president's claiming power to direct draws to kill whoever and wherever without accountability. kill direct drones to whoever and wherever without accountability. [applause] it is about concern over a president that will prioritize not being able to afford keeping that white house open for those students but to send two hundred $50 million and our weapons -- $250 million and our weapons to the muslim brotherhood. we deserve better than the people who call themselves our
11:16 am
leaders. this is one fight that is worth it. if we have faith in we the people, if we change the foundation of work ethic and development of our natural charter and freedom that guide us, if we trust in the promise of opportunity that binds us, if we know the providential hand that made america unexceptional and respect the innocent life that he creates, then we will save our movement and with hard work, senility, and the grace of our loving god we will save our country. god bless the united states of america. [applause] >> sarah palin, ladies and ♪
11:17 am
>> president obama is it to to be thethomas perez next labor secretary of the united states. president obama will announce the nomination this morning at the white house. that will take place in about 20 minutes. live coverage at 11:40 eastern on c-span to. congress returns to capitol hill today. but congress will double in at 2:00 eastern. later this week it will work on federal spending for the rest of the budget year in budget for next fiscal year. the senate gaveling into a working on the spending bill. they vote on moving it forward. you will be able to seize live coverage beginning at 2:00 eastern. as usual, the house here on c- span. earlier today we spoke with a reporter working of the week ahead in congress.
11:18 am
host: of the hill newspaper here in washington, d.c. talk about the spending and the timing of it this week here yet to go this is the early work for the senate time. they are hoping they can do this today. we will really watch the floor when they show up in the early afternoon to see what they came out with. have they reached a deal on a mix? maybe token votes to appease some people, and they hope to finish this today or maybe early tomorrow at the very latest. >> it they can finish it by tomorrow, talk about what is on top for the rest of the week. guest: they are eager to get to the budget, and this is the big year for receive senate budget for the first time in four years.
11:19 am
the last time they did one ones 2009. this is their big comeback. many people think this is forced by the house passage of the new budget, no pay act which threatens no pay for members of the did not pass a budget. soon after that was passed, even before democrat said we will do a budget. that will be a big bang to watch. we've not seen as a long time with the house and senate both moving the budget. the house will probably hold a whole bunch of different votes on alternatives. we might see a handful of budget from the congressional black caucus. we might see ones like that to compete with what the chairman ryan has put forward. wise, they have to get this done by next friday, this funding deal on the
11:20 am
government budget, correct? that is due the 27. with so much going on, we do expect this to happen. there could be some agreement to put some money back. you were talking about amendments to offset the sequester. it is possible. what you will not see is what obama wants, which turning the cuts and to taxes. at any rate, we think earlier this week we will of the clear sense of getting this done. it may have to go back to the house. host: the senate majority whip dick durbin was on fox news talking about the continuing spending resolution. important, il very understand, but we of work to be done in a very short amount of time. i urge my colleagues to be
11:21 am
sparing in the amendment. we can do this and do it quickly of the upcoming week. before we let you go, if they do not get it done this week, are we thinking members may come back from recess next week before the 27? nothing i haveen heard. i would not be too spooked by this. fromwill be after we hear where the senate is on a moment. i do not know how else to put it other than i bet the little toe of mind they will figure this out pretty quickly. the shutdown threat has always technically been there, but it has not come to pass. i think republicans learned their lesson from 20 years ago. of the boat sides seem to play pretty fair on this issue. i think that is why we of the six months resolution last year. they wanted out of the way. i would not be fighting my nails
11:22 am
over a government shutdown at this point. host: think you for joining us. >> the house and senate will be in session this government. eastern live at 12:30 with carl levin for the council on foreign relations. c-span3 with the discussion on the persian gulf. general martin dempsey will speak of the center for strategic and international studies. lady, private first elizabeth monroe refuse to continue the tradition of making social calls to washington's political society. she spoke french and said the white house and green -- get the reputation of being cleanly into the white house. we will explore her relationship with her husband and close successor, the only first lady born of said the u.s. we will see the important role she played in the campaign of her husband, john quincy adams,
11:23 am
and the complex relationship with her mother and all. we will include your questions and comments by phone, facebook, and twitter to guide that it o'clock eastern. >> ted cruz was the clothes are at the annual cpac -- closer meeting.nnual cpac ♪ >> thank-you still very much. full great to be in a room of patriots.
11:24 am
we're here in washington at a momentous time. i mean of course the sequester. of the sequester for each of you who went to dinner last night, your meals or reduced by 2.4%. i can tell you i can see the looks of hunger and famine in your eyes. i do not know how you are possibly still able to stand on 97.6% of your dinner. i will always be haunted by the site -- sight of newt gingrich's emaciated face. it is like ann hathaway in les miserables.
11:25 am
other than sequestration, not much is happening in washington. we had an eminence free day in the republican party where rand paul and me were described as wacko birds. when we first heard that, we thought it was a new kind of drone. if standing for liberty and standing for the constitution makes you an wacko bird, then tell to me a proud wacko bird. \[applause] and i think there are more than a few other wacko birds gathered here today. i am going to tell you if, the biggest surprise since coming to washington -- people ask you
11:26 am
what surprised you when you came to washington. the biggest surprise has been the defeatist attitude among so many republicans who have been in washington a long time. i cannot tell you how many times people have wanted to that me on the head and say, that is nice. you can vote no and we will just lose. it is utterly maddening. i'm going tell you a dirty little secret that the mainstream media won't tell you. for the last three weeks conservatives have been winning. \[applause] we are winning because of you. three specific examples in the last three weeks. a couple of weeks ago, i was honored to join my friend, rand paul, as he stood for 13 hours on the floor of the senate. \[applause]
11:27 am
when he started at 11:47 in the morning, there were more than a few senators, republican senators, who saw what he was doing as odd or even quotic -- quixotic. he said we are going to stand for the constitution. we're going to stand for liberty. we are going to stand until this administration ethnologist limits on its power. -- until this administration acknowledges limits on its power. attorney general eric holder testified at a judiciary hearing. i asked him the question. is it constitutional for the united states government to kill a u.s. citizen on u.s. soil that individual does not pose
11:28 am
an imminent threat. his answer was, it would not be appropriate. my response was, i am not asking for your opinion on propriety. you are the chief legal adviser for the united states of america. does the department of justice have an opinion on whether the department of justice can kill u.s. citizens on u.s. soil. three times he responded, it would not be appropriate. it was almost as if he did not understand the question. maybe that says something about how the left sees constitutionality. in their minds, appropriately and constitutional are one in the same. he really expressed frustration. i told you we are not going to do it. don't you trust me?
11:29 am
\[laughter] and the answer is exactly that. no, we do not trust you. and we do not trust the next guy or the next guy or the next guy whether he is a democrat or republican. \[applause] james madison observed in the federalist papers that if men were angels, no government would be necessary. there are not a whole lot of angels in washington. thomas jefferson explains, the entire purpose of the constitution is to bind the mischief of government. [applause] alone,nd stood there happen.
11:30 am
support --ceived mike lee and i came early on to support him. then another senator and then another senator. as the night drew on, we saw one after another. we saw 20 house members show up on the floor of the senate. [applause] i did not know they knew where the senate floor was. [laughter] and something so powerful happened, which is each of you engaged. it captivated the country as the american people looked at suddenly elected leaders doing something we have not seen in a long time, standing for principle. [applause] that was -- the filibuster was the first time in my life i have ever spoken on the floor of
11:31 am
the senate. [applause] so to my grave, i will owe rand paul a debt of gratitude. [laughter] that the first time i spoke on the senate, i had the opportunity to read travis' letter from the alamo. [applause] and it so happens the day of the filibuster was the 177th anniversary of the fall of the alamo. i observed to rand, a davye-born texan, that if crockett and jim gould alive -- alive today,were they would have been standing shoulder to shoulder with him on
11:32 am
the floor of the senate. i got to read from shakespeare's st. crispin's day speech. there are some senators who were not there that night who have held their manhoods cheap and as a result. [applause] opening read the monologue from the great movie "patton." [cheers] cleaned up a little bit to make it suitable for television. [laughter] it got to read president ronald reagan's 1964 a time for choosing speech. [applause] as they say in the beer commercial, it don't get no better than this.
11:33 am
but a second example is sequestration. sequestration has actually gone into effect. the white house is astonished. all of us remember the president's scare america tour. where he went all over the country talking about the dramatic consequences. you know, washington, d.c. is the only place on earth where the phrase draconian 2% cuts can be uttered. after a while, the president was self parody as he described the consequences of a 2.5% cut. it reminded me of the scene from ghost busters when bill murray is talking about the end of the world, cats and dogs living together. [laughter] stay- expected to see the
11:34 am
puff marshmallow man come walking out. but the white house was certain republicans were going to fold under and cave. instead, we stood around and ground andtood our got the first small step. i underscore it is a small step to reining in our debt. [applause] and a third example. last week we voted on an amendment i authored to repeal funding for obamacare. [applause] [cheers]
11:35 am
now, i will confess, a couple of weeks ago when i said i would offer this amendment, more than a few of my colleagues were not thrilled. and yet, we saw every single republican in the senate vote unanimously to defund obamacare. [applause] and the democrats all stood together to keep imposing the economic costs, the harm of people losing their insurance as employers are being forced to reduce their hours and insurance premiums are skyrocketing on young people. every democrat vote together to maintaining obamacare even if it pushes us into a recession. that is a disgrace. >> exactly right. but something that has not happened in a long time is happening.
11:36 am
we are winning right now. what i want to address with you this evening at the end of this fantastic conference -- and i hope one of these days ann coulter will learn to speak her mind. [laughter] if we can get her to come out of that shell, she could have some powerful things to say. but what i want to talk about today is the question, how do we keep winning? i will suggest two simple steps. number 1, defend the constitution. [applause] and number 2, champion growth and opportunity. [applause] defend the constitution. liberty is under assault from every direction.
11:37 am
some of you may have noticed the second amendment is in president obama and the senate democrats' cross hairs right now. but we did receive helpful advice from joe biden. if you have any threats at home, go at home with a double barreled shotgun and fired into the air. that is useful if you are being attacked by a flock of geese. [laughter] or a drone. [laughter] [cheers] so maybe joe biden stumbled onto something after all. this past week, we had a hearing in the senate judiciary committee. a senior democrat explained to
11:38 am
me that questions about the constitution have no role in the u.s. senate. [crowd boos] because, she explains, it is congress' job to pass laws and the supreme court can decide whether to throw them out or not. do you know what? that statement is exactly the problem. [applause] that statement is reminiscent of nancy pelosi when she was asked what is the constitutional basis of obamacare and her answer was, are you serious? serious? there are a whole lot of politicians, democrats and republicans, in washington who have not looked at the constitution in a long, long time.
11:39 am
let me answer speaker pelosi. yes, we are serious. [applause] the second amendment provides for the rights of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. whoo! [applause] what part of shall not be infringed did they not understand? it does not just end with the second amendment. the first amendment is a big target in congress. set aside their love for regulating campaign speech because it seems every campaign elected official hates when the people dare criticize. tomorrow is st. patrick's day. my irish mother recently
11:40 am
reminded me that it is more than a little ironic that the national party that was the first national party to nominate the first two major candidates to be president is today fighting a war on religious liberty. it shows just how far we have gone to ask, what would john f. kennedy or al smith say to a democrat party that says to the catholic church, change your religious beliefs or we will use our power of the federal government to shut down your charity and your hospital? [applause] there was a time when standing for religious liberty enjoyed bipartisan support. we need to get back to that. [applause]
11:41 am
there is the fifth amendment, which provides that none of us shall be provided -- denied life without due process of law. somehow, a drone from the sky hitting you from a cafe is not my definition of due process of law. [applause] there is the fourth amendment that protects us from unreasonable searches and seizures. we i'll tell you right now need to repeal the ndaa. [cheers] because the federal government does not have the authority to indefinitely detained a u.s. citizen on u.s. soil without due process of law. [applause]
11:42 am
there is the 10th amendment. something our omnipotent federal government seems to have forgotten all about. the 10th amendment provides that the powers not given to the federal government are reserved for the states and for the people. [applause] how did we get a $16.50 trillion national debt? we have a federal government that thinks they have the authority to regulate our toilet seats and our light bulbs. we need to get back to the constitution. [applause] and article 6 of the constitution provides that the constitution shall be the supreme law of the land. tore is an ongoing effort undermine united states'
11:43 am
sovereignty. before i was in the senate, i was the solicitor general of texas. we stood up to the world court and to the united nations. [applause] and we stood up to the president of the united states, who happen to be a republican. i went before the supreme court of the united states and said, no president, republican or democrat, has the authority to give away u.s. sovereignty. [applause] now, we have seen republicans willing to stand up to republican presidents. my question to you is where were the democrats when rand and the rest of us were standing on the floor on drones?
11:44 am
[applause] the second thing we need to do is we need to champion growth and opportunity. people are hurting right now. we are in the midst of what i call the great stagnation. president obama is one of only two presidents post-world war ii to face double-digit unemployment. , r the last four years economic growth has averaged 0.4%. less than 1%. there was one only time when we have had less than 1% economic growth. that was from 1979 to 1883. 1983. coming out of jimmy carter and following the same policies of
11:45 am
out of control debt, taxes, regulation. that is the only other period. president reagan came in facing that stagnation. he implemented policies the exact opposite of barack obama. it is interesting. 1979 to 1983, economic growth was zero. -- 0.8%. .or the exact same period obama did not learn the lesson from reagan that if he wants to have economic growth, you cut spending and you cut taxes. you don't send regulators like locus to destroy small businesses and jobs. [applause] do you know, if president obama had followed the reagan policy and we had seen the identical growth that president reagan saw in inheriting the same lousy economy that president obama did. do you know we would have seven
11:46 am
million additional new jobs in america. let met help that i can make more concrete. seven million more jobs that is equivalent to giving a job to every man, women, and child in chicago, houston, philadelphia, and boston. that's what we're talking about. [applause] the stagnation under president obama doesn't fall uniformly. if you so happen to be a tax lawyer or environmental lawyer, you're doing great right now. peoplel tell you the that are hurting the most are those are the struggling and the least well off among us. hispanicsident obama, unemployment climbed to 10%, african american to 14%. peopleyment for young
11:47 am
ages 16-19 over 25%. that's why for a long time i've been championing what i call opportunity conservativism, which is every republican, every conservative should focus on easing the steps of the economic ladder. explain how are free market system has served as the most incredible engine for opportunity, for millions of people to come with nothing and achieve anything. obamalicies that barack do not work and the people that are hurting the most are young people, african americans, hispanic, single moms are those finding their opportunities shut off to reach the american dream. so we need to champion growth. growth at every stage to get the economy booming. we need to repeal obamacare. [applause]
11:48 am
we need to repeal dodd-frank. [applause] talk a bill you don't have to read further than the title. [laughter] we need to eliminate corporate welfare. [applause] keystoneo build the pipeline. we need to reign in the e.p.a. [applause] you know, in west texas the e.p.s. a trying to use a lizard use a epa is trying to
11:49 am
lizard to shut down oil and gas productions. my view of lizards, they make darn fine boots. [applause] we need to audit the fed. [applause] [cheers] and we need to stop e.q. infinity. we need to abolish obama -- the u.s. department of education. [applause] education is too important for it to be governed by bureaucrats in washington taking choices away from parents and kids. [applause]
11:50 am
and we need to champion school choice. [applause] the civil rights issue of the next generation. i would like to see more democrats going and explain to young kids trapped in failing schools, young hispanic, young african american why they are willing to consign another generation to not have a fair and equal shot at the american dream. [applause] we need to stand with israel. [applause]
11:51 am
but we need to stop sending foreign aid to nations that hate us. [cheers] presidenteeks ago, obama canceled white house tours and sent $250 million to egypt. [boos] with no conditions, no strings attached, nothing focused on u.s. national security. he simply wrote a check. we need to get back to growth and opportunity. now, listen spreading the message that our policies work, their policies don't. that government control hurts those struggle technology make the american dream the i can promise you something, abc, "the new york
11:52 am
times" none of them are going to help spread the message. we have something more powerful. we have each and every one of you. [applause] the world has changed. there are no longer gate keepers that can decide what the american people get to hear and what they don't get to hear. [applause] so i'm here today asking for each and every one of your help telling the story. how many of you have a cell phone on you right now? i'm going to ask you to take out your cell phones and text the word growth to the number 33733. wordagain that is the growth, to 33733. when you do that, you will be joining us in helping spread the word, helping spread the
11:53 am
word that freedom works, free market policies work. for the greatest avenue improving the condition of those struggle technology achieve the american dream is limiting government and unleashing entrepreneurs. when you get home go to co online -- go online. we're developing a pro growth economic agenda that can be a contract for america for conservatives to get the economy going and to spread opportunity. [applause] i ask for your input, your help developing concrete pro-growth policies to bring americans together and get our economy back. you know 10 weeks ago, i arrived in washington, d.c. to
11:54 am
be sworn into office. [applause] when i stood on the floor of the senate, with my hand on the family bible, i couldn't help but think back to 1957. 1957, my father came from cuba. inhas been -- had been prison, he was tortured and he came to america and did not speak a word of establish, he -- english. he washed dishes making 50 cents an hour. as i stood on the senate floor, if someone came up to that 18- year-old kid as he was washing dishes, and suggested to him that 55 years later his son would be sworn into office as a united states senator representing the great state of texas. [applause]
11:55 am
that would have been unimaginable. that would have been beyond anything he would possible conceived. yet, there was my father sitting in the gallery looking down as i took the oath of office. [applause] my dad is here today, i would like him to stand up. i love you, dad. [applause] eers] in our family that was a powerful, powerful moment.
11:56 am
but that is just one small example of the incredible freedom and opportunity this country provides. the history of the world, there is has been no nation on earth has listed so many people with nothing to prosperity. that is if legacy we're fighting for. because everyone one of us is here because we want to make sure our kids, our grandkids the same opportunity, same liberty, the same prosperity that we are blessed to enjoy. [applause] we're here because we're not willing to give up on america. fundamentalg a choice. a choice that cuts across all issues, it is a choice between surrendering or standing up now. -- to deny our liberty. liberty.end our
11:57 am
on guns, do we surrender or do we stand up now? on drones do we surrender or do we stand up now? [cheers] on spending, do we surrender or do we stand up now? [cheers] on debt, do we surrender or do we stand up now? ddo wee constitution, to surrender or do we stand up now? [applause] that, my dear friends is change
11:58 am
we can believe in. thank you and god bless you. [applause] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] plays] ♪
11:59 am
>> ♪ you do not know you do not know you are beautiful ♪ the republican national convention formally endorsed immigration today. part of a strategy to make the republican party more inclusive for voters who overwhelmingly supported democrats in 2012. hillary clinton made an announcement in an online video by the gay-rights advocacy group. to says gays and lesbians serve the rights of citizenship. includes marriage, she says.


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